Stuart McKillop

Stuart has been mastering and recording music for over 15 years. His mastering experience spans nearly every genre currently available on earth. He enjoys producing and recording punk, hardcore and metal. Stuart is a 90's hip hop enthusiast with a healthy obsession for midwest emo bands. 




Jesse Gander

 Jesse started recording bands on his 4-track cassette recorder at the age of 15. The first official release he recorded was "Garlic For Victory" by legendary East Vancouver punks Submission Hold. Over the last 20+ years he has recorded over 400 bands.

Taking into consideration the life-expectancy of the average Canadian male he should have time to record over 800 more bands, but he books up quickly so give him lots of notice.

Curtis Buckoll

Curtis got involved with recording at age 19 as Stu's intern at the Hive. While working closely with Stu, he took over the B room graveyard sessions as he started recording bands of his own.

While he tends to specialize in recording precision metal and hardcore bands, he is equally as interested in all genres. No matter what project style, he always develops a personal interest and will dedicate his hardest work.

Mark McKitrick

Mark has been working in the music industry since 2009 in various areas (sales, performance,touring live sound, recording, assistant and mixing. Mark has also spent time as a session drummer/percussionist, and drum tech). Taking time to receive his diploma in Advanced Music Production from some of the biggest names in the game at Nimbus School of Recording Arts. He now acts as Rain City Recorders house Assistant engineer and Head Tech. Mark stays busy editing, cutting toms, cutting triggers, tracking bands for Jesse and Stu and looking after the studios gear/console maintenance. If the studio is open you can expect to see him there keeping all sessions going at full force and making records of his own.

Jesse Karr

Jesse started out recording bands in his bedroom in 2003. He later joined up with Stuart Mckillop and Jesse Gander at The Hive Creative Labs in 2005.Jesse has spend the last 10 years developing his own unique style spanning a wide variety of genres. While spending most of his time in the deep variations of the Progressive Rock scene, Jesse enjoys working in any genre and approaches every project with vision and an open mind.

Mariessa McLeod


Mariessa started out at The Hive in 2011, assisting with Colin Stewart and Jesse Gander. She's now cranking up the faders at Rain City Recorders and twisting knobs at The Red Gate. Mariessa is a technician at Vancouver Co-op Radio. This young lady has got you covered, from fixing boxes of broken cables to recording, mixing and even studio builds.